Workshop Presentations

Various Workshops were held during the Triple Helix Conference 2013.

The presentations are grouped by Workshop (listed in bold below):

Circle Workshop: University entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial universities: The role of Universities in the Triple Helix

EC Workshop: Super-charging the Triple Helix: Smart Specialisation as game changer

Where is 'applied research' going?

TUSUR University Workshop: Innovative Territorial Clusters and Entrepreneurial Universities in Russia

IPO Workshop: Empowering the users of university generated knowledge/

RSA Workshop: Do regional interests find effective expression in the triple helix model? How does this vary by type of region?

Triple Helix in Brazil: Knowledge in action

NCUB Workshop: Securing the pipeline for future generations of innovators: funding research training

The spatial dimension of innovation: Triple Helix and the City

OECD Workshop: Entrepreneurship and local development: Triple Helix influences