Kai RAO, a PhD student in Italy. His research interests focus on technology transfer from public research institution to industry. Now he is involved in the Proton Europe project and Netval Project with the guidance of Prof. Andrea Piccaluga.

Recent publications:

  • Rao K., Meng X., Piccaluga A. et al. University Patent Technology Transfer in U.K. and its Referential Experiences [J]. Forum on Science and Technology in China, 2011, (2): 148-154. (Chinese Social Science Cited), ISSN: 1002-6711 (in Chinese)
  • Rao K., Meng X., Piccaluga A. et al. Research on Patenting Technology Transfer of Public Research Institutions in Denmark [J]. Science & Technology Progress and Policy, 2011, 28(8): 47-51. (Chinese Social Science Cited), ISSN: 1001-7348 (in Chinese)
  • Rao K., Meng X., Chen Q.,Piccaluga A. Research on University Technology Transfer Offices in Italy and the Referential Experiences[J]. East China Economic Management, 2012 (paper accepted, to be published), (Chinese Social Science Cited), ISSN 1007-5097 (in Chinese)
  • Rao K., Piccaluga A. Patenting and Licensing Activities in Chinese Universities: The Urgency for Cultivation of Entrepreneurial Enthusiasm. Proceedings of “The R&D Management Conference 2011”. Linköping University Electronic Press (Sweden), June 2011. ISBN 978-0-9559367-3-9
Triple Helix Conference I Amsterdam, 1996 II New York, 1998 III Rio de Janeiro, 2000 IV Copenhagen, 2002 V Turin, 2005 VI Singapore, 2007 VII Glasgow, 2009 VIII Madrid, 2010 IX Stanford, 2011 X Indonesia, 2012 XI London, 2013
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