Simona Iammarino

Dr. Simona Iammarino, PhD in International Economics (University of Rome “La Sapienza”), is a Reader in Economic Geography at the Department of Geography & Environment of the London School of Economics and Political Science (UK). She was previously Reader at SPRU, University of Sussex (still formally affiliated as research fellow). Main research interests: economic geography of innovation and technological change; multinational corporations and regions; theory and empirics of industrial clusters; local economic development. She has published extensively in major refereed journals, and she has been one of the editors of Regional Studies since 2008. She is currently PI in two large FP7 Projects funded by the EU Commission. Most recent publications:

Kramer J., Marinelli E., Iammarino S. and Revilla Diez J. (2011), Intangible Assets, Multinational Enterprises and Regional Systems of Innovation, Technovation, forthcoming.

Iammarino S., Marinelli E. (2011), Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence? Graduate regional mobility and job satisfaction in Italy, Environment and Planning A, forthcoming.

D‘Este P. and Iammarino S. (2010), The spatial profile of university-business research partnerships, Papers in Regional Science, 89, 2.

Boschma R. and Iammarino S. (2009), Related variety, trade linkages and regional growth in Italy, Economic Geography, 85, 3.

Triple Helix Conference I Amsterdam, 1996 II New York, 1998 III Rio de Janeiro, 2000 IV Copenhagen, 2002 V Turin, 2005 VI Singapore, 2007 VII Glasgow, 2009 VIII Madrid, 2010 IX Stanford, 2011 X Indonesia, 2012 XI London, 2013
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